Pool Watchdog Safety WiFi Security Camera (17001-1-9)

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Is The Pool WatchDog„¢ Swimming Pool WiFi Safety Cam„¢ Simple To Install & Use?

A New and exciting additional layer of protection for your swimming pool has arrived! Introducing the Pool WatchDog„¢ Swimming Pool WiFi Safety Camera„¢!

Just like a real watchdog€¦your Pool WatchDog„¢ Swimming Pool WiFi Safety Cam„¢ can help keep an eye on your swimming pool when you€™re on vacation, at the office, or just in the other room€¦and give you a warning €œBARK€?, via Text or Email, to get your attention and alert you to potential danger around your swimming pool!
The Pool WatchDog„¢ comes equiped with Motion Detection and Night Vision technology and does more than just send Text and Email alerts when someone enters your backyard but is near your pool or opening your pool cover...it shows you with Live Streaming Video straight to a SmartPhone, Tablet or PC so you can SEE potential danger and take action if needed.


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