Safety Turtle 2.0 Pool Alarm Child Kit [Base Station] (ST500)

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Safety Turtle 2.0 Pool Alarm is the new version of the original Safety Turtle. The Safety Turtle 2.0 Base is always watching and comes with a convenient USB cord as well as a wall adapter. It has a power light and a low battery light to tell you its time to replace the Turtle wristbands (3-5 years). If the Turtle wristband gets wet it will immediately alarm at the base alerting you that the child is in the pool. One base can accommodate unlimited Turtles. Take it with you to friends or vacation homes. Works in all pools. No limitations to size and weight like most pool alarm.... Child kit includes Safety Turtle 2.0 Pool Alarm Base, USB cord, AC adapter, one black wristband with a green Turtle and a key. One year warranty from date of purchase. Safety Turtle 2.0 is not compatible with the older model.

Can work on any size child regardless of weight! No limitations like other pool alarms!

Safety Turtle 2.0 Pool Alarm Child kit includes:
  • Safety Turtle Pool Alarm Base Unit
  • USB Cord/Cable
  • Black Wristband With Green Turtle [W/key and AC Adapter]


Safety Turtle Pool Alarm was developed in 1996 and introduced to the swimming pool industry in 1999. The simple concept of alerting a parent or caretaker if a child (or pet) entered the water took the market by surprise. No other system works so easily and requires no installation, programming or wiring.

RJE Technologies, Inc. purchased the Safety Turtle Pool Alarm product line in November of 2012, expanding its aquatic safety product line. RJE technologies, Inc. manufactures SonarGuard Swimming Pool Security System and AquaGuard Pool Alarms. SonarGuard has been on the market for over 10 years and has already resulted in 11 recorded saves. The AquaGuard Pool Alarm is a consumer installed alarm that entered the market in 2006. RJE is the worlds leading supplier of advanced diver sonar navigation equipment to the military. RJE also provides the underwater locater beacons for the black boxes on aircraft.

Bath & Spa Parts Online is proud to say that we carry the complete line of RJE Technologies Safety Turtle products, readily available for immediate delivery. If you have any questions about their products, please feel free to ask us for assistance. You can reach our Product Specialists via telephone, chat or e-mail during normal business hours.

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