Balboa 2.0 HP Replacement Motor [GE] [6052] [2-Speed] [HV] [48 Frame] (1111049)

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Balboa 2.0 HP Replacement Motor [GE] [6052] [2-Speed] [HV] [48 Frame] (1111049)

Bath & Spa Pump Motor Replacement
Most spa pumps will generally last anywhere from 8-10 years on average. Bath pumps will often last much longer, as they are not used nearly as frequently as spa pumps. When a pump fails, you have several options for replacing the pump. The first option is to replace the entire pump with a comparable bath or spa replacement pump. The second option is to repair the pump, which often requires replacing the motor inside your pump. Balboa offers a wide variety of replacement motors for their entire line of spa and bath pumps. If you are choosing to replace your existing pump motor, you will need to match up your motor voltage and amperage. Generally in most cases, you will also want to make certain that you purchase a motor of similar horsepower capacity. Overpowering your jets with too much horsepower could damage not only your plumbing and equipment, but you as well.

In your search for a replacement pump or motor, we can help you with some simple advice. If the pump is more than 2-3 years old, chances are you are better off purchasing a new replacement pump instead. We have also found that in most cases, the cost to repair a pump nowadays is often more than the cost of replacing the entire pump with a comparable new pump. If you would like to discuss your options further, please feel free to contact one of our Customer Service Specialists for assistance. You can reach us daily at 800-918-9143.

You can also view our PUMP REPLACEMENT GUIDE for more information on replacing your bath or spa pump.


At Balboa Water Group (formerly Balboa Instruments), their fundamental commitment to the leisure water industry has been to provide a simple, comprehensive, one source solution to their products that include the highest quality in pumps, blowers, electronic control systems, jets, white goods and accessories. Their outlook has earned them the position as the leading global supplier of product design, state-of-the-art manufacturing, and an unsurpassed reputation for reliability. With nearly three decades of innovative design, expansion and development, BWG offers a complete line of products for your whirlpool bath or hot tub.

Bath & Spa Parts Online carries a complete line of Balboa Water Group Products, readily available for immediate delivery. At current, we carry more than 2500 different Balboa SKU's, which represents their complete line of available products. If it is made by Balboa, we carry it. We also have a comprehensive database of Balboa Product Cross Reference Information
along with bath and spa product manuals and instruction sheets.

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