Balboa MoodEFX Light Extendable Bulb Holder (25099)

Lighting: Pool & Spa Lighting

Balboa Water Group


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Balboa MoodEFX Light Extendable Bulb Holder (25099)

  • Obsolete - replaced with 21089

Balboa Water Group (BWG) is dedicated to providing only the highest quality spa systems and spa replacement products to their customers. They design the Balboa products and systems to provide the basic functionality that you need matched with the additional features that you want. Whether you are replacing a bath or spa pump, heater, electronic spa control system, jets, or white goods, we have the right solution for you, at an affordable price. If you need assistance in finding the right replacement products, give us a call at 800-918-9143 today! We can also be reached via chat or e-mail during normal business hours.

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