Hydro-Quip PS 5.5kW Electronic Heater [2" x 15"] [240V] [Long Cord] [Clamps] (48-PS55)

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Hydro-Quip PS 5.5kW Electronic Heater [2" x 15"] [240V] [Long Cord] [Clamps] (48-PS55)

  • 26-0072A
Housing Configuration Straight
Heater Length 15"
Lead End Terminal Location 5-1/4"
Threaded Tap Orientation 12 O`Clock
Threaded Tap Location 7-3/4" From Leading End
Kilowatts 1.375kW, 5.5kW
Voltage 115v, 230v
Sensor Stud Location 5-5/8"
Sensor Stud Orientation 6 O`Clock
Mounting Stud Type None
Heater Size 2"
Heater Application HydroQuip Platinum Series

HydroQuip Platinum Series, 5.5kw 115v/230v flo-thru heater. The tube measures 15" x 2" and comes complete with a 60" cord and pressure switch. For use exclusively with the HydroQuip Platinum series electronically switched control systems featuring slide heater technology.


Hydro Quip has been providing the hot tub, spa and jetted bath industries with premium equipment systems since 1981. We have established an unmatched global reputation for superior quality, reliability and customer service. They design and manufacture electronic and pneumatic controls, heaters, and blowers for a large percentage of the industry, including Balboa, Gecko, and countless others. Their products are some of the most reliable products made in the industry today. If it is out there and in service, Hydro-Quip makes parts for it.

Bath & Spa Parts Online carries a large line of Hydro-Quip products, readily available for immediate delivery. If you have any questions about their products, please feel free to ask us for assistance. You can reach our Product Specialists via telephone, chat or e-mail during normal business hours.

We also have a comprehensive database of Hydro-Quip Product Manuals and Instruction Sheets

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