Welcome to the Bath & Spa Parts Online Knowledge Base. We will update information as it becomes available. We currently have several hundred documents available here for download. The largest amount of information comes from Balboa Water Group, who manufacture about 85% of the spa components on the market today. This information is being provided "as-is", which means that we make no claims as to its accuracy, or your ability to properly install any of the products purchased from this website. In fact, we suggest that you hire a licensed spa technician to assist you with any project, and especially any project that requires that you manipulate parts involving electricity. That being said, if you have questions about purchasing products, we can help. If you have questions about installation or technical support, we are very limited in what we can offer in terms of help due to legal reasons.

We have split the pages into various sections based upon the product category. If there is specifically something that you are looking for and cannot find, please feel free to ask. We can generally find the information for you, or at least assist you in finding a source for the information.

Balboa Water Group Information
Balboa Water Group Circuit Board Chipset Cross Reference
Balboa Spa Control System Cross Reference (Panels, Heaters, Systems, Model #)
Balboa Water Group: Finding The Right Spa Heater
Balboa Water Group Product Color Codes
Balboa Water Group Discontinued Bath/Spa Heaters
Balboa Water Group Product Manuals / Technical Reference Sheets (Page 1 of 4)
Balboa Water Group Product Manuals / Technical Reference Sheets (Page 2 of 4)
Balboa Water Group Product Manuals / Technical Reference Sheets (Page 3 of 4)
Balboa Water Group Product Manuals / Technical Reference Sheets (Page 4 of 4)
Balboa Water Group M7 Heater Technology
Balboa Water Group Mood EFX Lighting (With Product Links)
Balboa Water Group ML Series Topside Panels (Quick Reference Guides)
Balboa Water Group GS/VL/VS Series Topside Panels (Quick Reference Guides)

Finders/Locators (Find Your Part Fast)
Interactive  Circuit Board Finder
Interactive  Filter Finder
Interactive  Heater Locator

How-To Guides
Replacing Your Bath / Spa Pump
Replacing Your Spa Heater In 7 Easy Steps
Spa/Pool Filter Cleaning Guide

HydroQuip Products
HydroQuip Product Manuals / Information Sheets

Manufacturers List

Miscellaneous Reference Documents
Common Questions & Answers To Hot Tub Water Maintenance
Filter End Cap Configuration Guide
Glossary of Commonly Used Pump Terms
Hot Tub Water Chemistry Guide
Pool Safety Information (U.S. Government Website)
Spa/Pool Filter End Cap Configuration
Understanding Your Spa Circuit Board

Water Safety Information
American Red Cross Water Safety Training (American Red Cross Website)
Drain Safety Recall Information
Virginia Graeme Baker (VGB) Act
Water Safety Information
PDF  Pool Safety Fact Sheet
PDF  Pool Safety: The Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act
PDF  National Safety Counsel Pool Safety Fact Sheet
PDF  Simple Steps Save Lives Fact Sheet
PDF  Safety Barrier Guidelines For Home Pools

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