Finding the right heater for your system is imperative in properly repairing your spa control system.  Generally speaking, you can find the proper part number from the label located on your heater housing.  If it is a Balboa Water Group heater, which will be covered here on this page, the heater number will be on the label which should look something like the following:
Balboa Heater
Balboa Heater Label
#1 - This is the Heater Description
#2 - This is the Heater Part Number

The heater part number, as shown in the heater label above, is listed as 58083***1005140015. The first five numbers before the asterisks (*), is the heater part number.  Therefore, in this instance, it is 58083, which is one of Balboa's more popular heaters used in most modern spa systems.  If you have now been able to determine your heater part number, then simply use our search function above and enter the five digit part number and hit enter.  It will take you to the appropriate heater replacement part that you need.  If you have been unable to determine which part number you have, maybe because the heater label has been removed, or it is blocked by other spa equipment and you cannot see it, or better yet, you are no where near your spa system right now, but know what spa you have, we can assist you further here below...

You can use our HEATER LOCATOR to locate the correct heater for your spa system. It will guide you through the process of looking up your spa control system part number or model number to locate the correct heater. Finding the correct part should be fairly straight-forward and easy.

If you need any additional assistance, please feel free to ask a Customer Service Specialist for assistance.

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