This is a  simple guide to understanding how to properly identify your spa control system circuit board, at least enough to properly identify either the circuit board part number or in the event that the sticker has become unattached to the circuit board, you can still identify it by the primary chipset part number.

If your circuit board has the stocker still attached to the board, you should be able to easily identify the Balboa part number on it.  It will be the first set of numbers, generally starting with the number "5", and will be either five digits long, or five digits proceeded by a dash and two additional digits such as:  54115 or 54115-02.  You can use this number to search here on our website for the circuit board.  If it is not on our website, then it is no longer made by Balboa.  If that is the case, you are more than likely going to need to replace the spa control system itself.  That may sound like a big thing, but it may not be.  Balboa makes what they call Balboa Value Pack Retrofit Kits.  They are complete spa control system replacement solutions for your hot tub.  In a lot of cases, you may find that replacing the entire control system (spa pack) is actually less expensive than the replacement circuit board.  Ultimately in replacing the entire control system, your hot tub gets a new lease on life as they say.  If the circuit board costs more than $250, we suggest talking with us about replacing the entire system, as the retrofit kits start at about $300, and are relatively as easy to replace as the circuit board is for an experienced spa technician.  

With most circuit boards, over time the sticker attached to the circuit board becomes old and cracked, and the adhesive on the sticker causes it to completely fall off of the circuit board.  If that happens, you can identify the circuit board by the primary chipset number, as seen below on the right.  The chipset number will be the top set of numbers.  In this example, the chipset number will be: LITELDR1A. You can identify your circuit board by using our Circuit Board Finder and choose the locate by chipset method.

Again, as a whole, if you need assistance, click on our chat button, e-mail us, or give us a call at 800-918-9143.  Our experienced Customer Support Specialists are here to help.


Locating Your Circuit Board Part Number
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