Del Ozone 3/4" Barb Injector (9-0472)

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To be used with the SpaEclipse Corona Discharge Ozone Generator
May be used in Hot Spring Spas 1996 to current


Del Ozone is a renowned name in the bath and spa industry, celebrated for its innovative ozone water purification technology. With a rich history dating back to its founding in 1975, the company has consistently pushed the boundaries of water treatment solutions, ensuring a safe and enjoyable spa and bath experience for consumers worldwide. Del Ozone's products are engineered to tackle waterborne contaminants effectively, including bacteria, viruses, and organic matter, without the need for harsh chemicals. Their ozone generators are designed to integrate seamlessly into spa and pool systems, providing efficient sanitation and reducing the reliance on traditional chlorine or bromine chemicals. This not only promotes a healthier and more eco-friendly bathing environment but also enhances the longevity of spa equipment and improves water clarity.

What sets Del Ozone apart in the industry is its commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency. Their ozone systems are designed to minimize water and energy consumption, aligning perfectly with the growing demand for environmentally responsible solutions. Whether for residential or commercial spa applications, Del Ozone continues to lead the way in delivering cutting-edge technology that prioritizes both the well-being of users and the health of the planet, making them a trusted and respected brand in the bath and spa industry.

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