Anderson Manufacturing A+B Epoxy Putty [14 oz] [Black] (9908K)

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Anderson Manufacturing A+B Epoxy Putty [14 oz] [Black] (9908K)

Two part hand moldable epoxy putty cures in 40-60 minutes to an attractive white. Use to repair cracks in skimmers, main drains, and fittings or in cracks on plaster, gunite, fiberglass, or acrylic surfaces. Available in white, gray or black.

Anderson Manufacturing® offers a diverse line of Kwik Repair fittings and nylon test plugs for the pool and spa industry. Kwik-Repair makes installation or repair of PVC lines faster, easier, and more cost efficient by requiring just one fitting. By using innovative tapered sleeves which slide onto the pipe, repairs can be made without bending or flexing of the existing pipe. Their nylon test plugs maintain superior sealing properties and are great for winterizing too.


In the early 1940's, Francis Anderson, the son of a Swedish immigrant, opened up a small repair shop in Austin Minnesota with the purpose of manufacturing rubber expansion plugs to make the radiator leak testing process easier. Since the, the Anderson Manufacturing rubber expansion plugs and Kwik Repair products are now sold throughout the country. They are now known throughout the pool and hot tub industry as service professionals in leak detection and repair. Their pipe repair and Kwik Repair products are an industry standard to all pool and spa professionals.

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