A.O. Smith (AOS) Century Motor 1.5 HP [2-S] [48Y] [115V] (BN60)

Spa Pumps & Parts: Spa Pump Motors (48-Frame)

A.O. Smith (AOS) / Century Electrical



$349.99 $262.49


A.O. Smith Electric Motors / Century Electric Motors has been committed to the electric motors industry for more than 75 years, providing for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. In 2011, Regal-Beloit Corporation purchased the electric products division of A.O. Smith, and continues that high standard quality commitment today. With the growing customer interest in electronically controlled motors and enhanced system efficiency, A.O. Smith is there for all of your motor replacement needs.


Regal Beloit America, Inc. (Century Electric Motors / A.O. Smith Electric Motors) is a leading supplier of electric motors for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. With operations in the United States, Mexico, China, and Europe, Regal Beloit America, Inc. has the ability to serve its customers electric motor needs on a global basis. We offer a comprehensive line of hermetic motors (used in air conditioning compressors), fractional horsepower A/C and D/C motors, and integral horsepower motors. We sell our products directly to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and replacement motors to HVAC and pool/pump distributors.

Bath & Spa Parts Online is proud to say that we have carried and sold Century/A.O. Smith (AOS) replacement motors since we started in the Bath & Spa industry in the early 1980's. At this time, the company was introducing their Centurion switchless, permanent split capacitor motors for the swimming pool, spa, and jetted tub industries. A.O. Smith (AOS)/Century has been committed to providing quality products for more than 75 years, and that commitment continues today. If you have any questions about their product line, please feel free to ask us. We carry the complete line of their products!

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