Therm Products 5.5kW Flo Thru Heater [2" x 18"] [240V] [Hercules] [Pre-5/95 XT] [Welded] (C2550-0155)

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Obsolete from Therm Products - out of business

Replacement is - 26-0155-7S-K


20-00423 402200015 48-3300-10-154H 

48-3300-10-155H 609884 C2550-0154 C2550-0155 C2550-0157 PEX-851-6410

Housing Configuration Straight
Heater Length 18"
Lead End Terminal Location 5-9/16"
Threaded Tap Orientation 12 O`Clock
Threaded Tap Location 8-5/16" From Leading End
Kilowatts 1.375kW, 5.5kW
Voltage 115v, 230v
Sensor Stud Location 7-1/4"
Sensor Stud Orientation 12 O`Clock
Mounting Stud Type Fixed
Heater Size 2"
Heater Application Hercules
Special Features Grounding Stud


  • Hercules: Stainless steel replacement heater assembly replaces the pre-95 XT 2" x 18" manifold.
  • Includes 5.5 kW/230v element.
  • Order tailpieces separately.
  • Pressure switch not included.


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