United Spas T5 Topside Control Panel (T7-S) [10-Pin Molex Connector] (EL125)

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United Spas EL117 IS the only Replacement

You will HAVE to have one of the following adaptor wires to make this topside work.

  • On 10/7/2009 United changed the type of connectors used for topsides and transformers from a RJ45 to an 8-pin Molex

  • If you are replacing just a topside, insure you have the correct topside adapter cord for your configuration.

The T7-S topside by United Spas is their latest and greatest achievement in electronic engineering. The T7-S is a complete redesign of the T5 topside control from the electronics to the software. This latest offering is the first to feature the new patent-pending Spa-Touch switching technology, new 'Economy Mode' feature, and scrolling (press and hold) temperature buttons.

United Spas patent pending switching technology takes the reliability and longevity of touch switches/buttons that have no moving parts to wear or break down over time, and pairs it with the familiar tactile feedback & feel of a standard switch/button. The result is a touch based switching system that has a long lifetime and minimal failure rate.

These controllers are uniquely designed so water, that may inevitable splash the unit, isn't accidentally registered as a button press. With the T7-S topside, the user can now set their C5 spa control's to 'Economy Mode', which will stop the automatic running of the pump and heater as needed to maintain the set temperature. This feature is useful when vacationing, or any shorter periods of non-use that don't warrant completely winterizing the spa. The T7-S also features temp up and down buttons, which can be tapped to increment the temperature up or down, or pressed and held to scroll up or down through temperature settings.

** The T7-S topside control DOES NOT come with any data cables **

Topside Type Electronic
Topside Complete Complete Topside
Manufacturer United Spa Controls
Model T7-S
# of Buttons 6
Topside Shape Rectangular, Round Ends
Cord Length No Cord
Panel Size 5" x 2-1/2"


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