Aladdin Go Kit #43 [American Maxim Americana II Power Glass] (GO-KIT43)


Aladdin Equipment Co.



$20.99 $15.49


Aladdin's reputation for developing innovative products can be traced back to the beginning of the company, more than 60 years ago. Through the years, they have kept close to their roots by recognizing needs, filling them, also identifying problems and solving them. This has earned them a significant place in the pool and spa industry with their o-rings and gaskets, along with their Go-Kits, Ro-Kits, and their Magic Lube products. If you need an o-ring or gasket, chances are, Aladdin makes it for your product.

Go Kit Includes:
  • 1 of AS-1000 Seal
  • 1 of AO-400 Impellar O-Ring
  • 1 of AO-286 Face Plate O-Ring
  • 1 of AO-257 Volute O-Ring
  • 1 of AO-19 Lid O-Ring
  • 1 of AG 215 Water Slinger


Aladdin Equipment Company is proud to be serving the pool and spa industry for over 65 years. Aladdin manufactures the most extensive line of baskets, gaskets and o-rings in the industry. Together with their Aladdin exclusive Magic Lube, PSR Seal, WorldPool Cartridges, and Go-Kits, they have carved out a name as the industry leader for more than six decades.

Bath & Spa Parts Online is proud to say that we have carried and sold the Aladdin products since our inception in the Bath & Spa industry in the early 1980's. Aladdin has been committed to providing quality products for more than 65 years, and that commitment continues today. If you have any questions about their product line, please feel free to ask us. We carry the complete line of their products!

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