Balboa Circuit Board - Millennium Spas [MIL75] Digital Duplex (51859)

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You will need a new Spa Control System

Balboa Circuit Board - Millennium Spas [MIL75] Digital Duplex (51859)

_50884-01R , 1900DR1A , 1900DR1D , 2500ESR1(x) , 2500ESR1C ,2500ESR2A , 410ER1C , 50884-01 , 50884-01R , 50911 , 51405 , 51421 , 51542 , 51569 ,51569-02 , 51586 , 51859 , 53210 , 54003-REMAN , 611311 , 6300DR1(x) , 6300DR1A , 9710-09 ,9710-58 , ALP50R1(x) , ALP50R1C , BAL54003 , BH50D , C11JDR1A , C11JDR1B , DAK50R1B ,DIGDUPR1(x) , DIGDUPR1A , DS50R1A , DS50R1C , DYN100R!E , DYN100R1C , MAS125R1A ,MIL75R1B , MOR100R1B , NOR124R1 , NOR124R1(x) , P295R1A , RET50R1A , SS23DR1B ,SS23DR1C , VIK100R1A , VIK100R1B , ZX500DR1A

Balboa Circuit Board Replacement
Balboa Water Group (BWG) is dedicated to providing only the highest quality replacement circuit boards to their customers. They created the first reliable electronic spa control system nearly twenty years ago and have been the leader in the industry every since. Balboa only uses state of the art materials to provide you the highest quality circuit boards possible. They manufacture each Balboa replacement circuit board to the same quality standards to provide the equivalent basic functionality of the original board shipped with the system. These replacement boards incorporate all the original features and new improvements, if any, since the original system circuit board was designed. Balboa's advanced features and designs provide you a reliable product that accommodates the most demanding new spa designs and advanced water temperature management on the market today. Balboa replacement Circuit boards are proudly made in the USA at the company's facility in Tustin, California.

Balboa's cutting-edge product design and commitment to the advancement in technology continues to make them the leader in the spa industry. It is also why spa manufacturers throughout the world continue to rely on them for all of their spa designs. So whether you are building a spa or replacing a circuit board on an older spa model, Balboa is the right solution for you. If you need assistance in replacing your spa system circuit board, please feel free to contact one of our Customer Service Specialists for assistance. You can reach us daily at 800-918-9143.

You can also view our BALBOA CHIPSET CROSS REFERENCE to look up your spa system's correct circuit board number. This is a great reference, especially if your circuit board's part number is not on the circuit board. YOu can look it up by the chipset number or the spa control system number.


At Balboa Water Group (formerly Balboa Instruments), their fundamental commitment to the leisure water industry has been to provide a simple, comprehensive, one source solution to their products that include the highest quality in pumps, blowers, electronic control systems, jets, white goods and accessories. Their outlook has earned them the position as the leading global supplier of product design, state-of-the-art manufacturing, and an unsurpassed reputation for reliability. With nearly three decades of innovative design, expansion and development, BWG offers a complete line of products for your whirlpool bath or hot tub.

Bath & Spa Parts Online carries a large line of most pool, bath, and hot tub manufacturer's products, readily available for immediate delivery. At current, we carry more than 2500 different Balboa SKU's, which represents their complete line of available products. If it is made by Balboa, we carry it. We also have a comprehensive database of Balboa Product Cross Reference Information
along with bath and spa product manuals and instruction sheets.

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