Balboa M7 15" 4.0 kW Spa Heater W/Mounting Stud (58117) (G7412)

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Balboa Water Group Spa Replacement Heater - C2400-0807-TPS

Circuit board to Heater connector (must have): 25696

Balboa Water Group
Stainless steel replacement heater assembly with mounting studs, 4.0kW/230v, 2" x 15". Includes M7™ sensors.

  • Tailpieces and gaskets sold separately.

Made for Balboa VS and Balboa SUV M7™ control systems.

58031 , 26-0807-5S-KS , 26-58104-K , 301360 , 55033 , 55035 , 58032 , 58056 , 58064 , 58104 , 58106 , 58109 ,

58117 , 58120 , 58148 , 58212 , 9711-117 , BB58104 , C2400-0807-TPS

The 58117 spa replacement heater is specially designed by Balboa Water Group and is one of the most popular models of replacement heaters. It uses Balboa's revolutionary heater technology to deliver consistent results. This is a 4.0 kW heater that is compatible with the Balboa systems listed in our product listing. If you have difficulty locating your heater, we suggest that you use our Heater Locator here on our website.

Balboa Spa Replacement Heaters have a revolutionary design that provides additional reliability and ease of installation when compared to conventional spa systems. Through the years, Balboa Water Group (BWG) continues to be leader in the spa heater industry in terms of design, innovation, and reliability. These are highly sought after qualities when choosing the right product for your spa and for your family. We also carry the largest selection of spa heaters in the industry. Whether you are replacing your spa heater on an older spa system with pressure switch technology or whether you are replacing a spa heater with Balboa's modern M7 patented technology, we have the right solution for you. That is what makes us the leader in the spa industry for more than 30 years!

If you need assistance in locating the proper spa heater for your system, we suggest that you try our HEATER LOCATOR.

You can find other support articles in our Bath & Spa Parts Online Knowledge Base.

This Balboa Spa Heater is compatible with the following Balboa Spa Control Systems:

53372-02 53372-03 53639 53639-01 54303-02 54303-03
54303-04 54342 54342-01 54392 54392-01 54392-02
54392-03 54394 54464 54464-01 54464-02 54464-03
54464-04 55002 55006 55006-01 55006-02 55006-03
55006-04 55010 55010-01 55010-02 55010-03 55012
55015-01 55015-02 55015-03 55015-04 55019 55019-01
55021 55021-01 55428 55803 55803-01 56279
56287 56287-01 59006 59006-01 ?ÿ ?ÿ


At Balboa Water Group (formerly Balboa Instruments), their fundamental commitment to the leisure water industry has been to provide a simple, comprehensive, one source solution to their products that include the highest quality in pumps, blowers, electronic control systems, jets, white goods and accessories. Their outlook has earned them the position as the leading global supplier of product design, state-of-the-art manufacturing, and an unsurpassed reputation for reliability. With nearly three decades of innovative design, expansion and development, BWG offers a complete line of products for your whirlpool bath or hot tub.

Bath & Spa Parts Online carries a complete line of Balboa Water Group Products, readily available for immediate delivery. At current, we carry more than 2500 different Balboa SKU's, which represents their complete line of available products. If it is made by Balboa, we carry it. We also have a comprehensive database of Balboa Product Cross Reference Information along with bath and spa product manuals and instruction sheets.

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